THE WEATHERS THEY LIVE IN, 13.5. - 28.5.2017, puntWG, Amsterdam (NL) [Research]

An exhibition initiated by Nicola Arthen (DE) with Alondra Castellanos Arreola (MX), Paul Bernhard (DE), Dan Walwin (UK), Baha Görkem Yalim (TR), Isabel Mager (DE), François Girard-Meunier (CA).

The start for this exhibition lies in two experiences, which sometimes coincide ambivalently as they do for this occasion: a corporeal awareness of oneself when subjected to a mix of temperatures and the frustration while encountering products or architectures that have transformed from "open source" to a sealed surface.

The first part of this exhibition consists of a large-scale windmachine and a rack of heaters, a performance by Alondra Castellanos Arreola and a reading by Baha Görkem Yalim. It focuses on the ephemeral and outsourced: the convections of air-conditioning, the neighbours' electricity, centrifugal forces, warming bodies, an invisible kite, a blown-away word, two scripts for a microprocessor and a Metafont.

With the second part a large-scale installation obfuscates, restricts and aligns the space in a complete turn-over. The result is meant to frustrate and introduce a physicality according to principles of rendering space exclusive used in architecture and product design.

In the third and last part, two lectures are presented inviting to link the exhibition's concerns to a wider reality and inspire a moment for discussion, reflection and critique.

(All works made for this exhibition except 5000times )

This exhibition is made possible with the support of Paul Bernhard (Graphic Design), Franziska Schulz (Documentation), Stephan Blumenschein (Electronics), Alondra Castellanos Arreola, Christian Glück, Katleen Arthen, Dan Walwin, Adrian Sölch, Ivo Rick, Kevin Aerts, Oded Rimon, Tim Matthijsen, Rutger Muller, Noa Giniger and the team of puntWG. The exhibition and its program is generously supported by the Amsterdam Fund for the Arts (AFK) and Mondriaan Fonds.

The typeface DOF is used to interface the exhibition's program and is available at